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Towing With Your RAM

Ram vehicles are all about towing. How do you determine the towing capability of your vehicle? Its all about the combined weight of your vehicle, the load on the vehicle, the trailer, and the load on the trailer. You must know the loaded weight of both loaded units combined. You can’t say “My truck can tow 10,000 lbs,” without knowing how much is being carried within the truck itself.

Your Ram has Gross Combination Weight Rating. The tables below will show you the GCWR for your vehicle which also varies by engine and axle ratio. Once you know the maximum GCWR, subtract the empty weight of your vehicle and trailer. The remaining amount is the load you can carry in the truck and trailer combined. Don’t forget to deduct the weight of people and fuel, that can easily be 1,000 lbs!

Don’t know your empty weight? We can tell you the original empty weight of your vehicle as it was shipped from the factory.

Ram Towing Advantages